Anthony Poulton-Smith


Join author Anthony Poulton-Smith on a ghostly tour of Warwickshire. Meet Sir Fulke Greville, Moll Bloxham, St Editha, Lord Carington, Nicholas Brome, King Offa, monks, nuns, campanologists, knights, coaches, bicycles, several cats, dogs, horses, and even owls.
Historical sites around Warwickshire include Ragley Hall, Grimshaw Hall, Battle of Edgefield, Clopton House, Wootton Wawen, and of course Warwick Castle with its numerous. Other spirits are to be found resident in an assortment of pubs, hotels, churches and abbeys. Who is Willie who wanders the streets of Astley? Why would a battle scene be projected onto a clouded sky? Who is the weeping woman in white? And what happened to the man known as One Handed Boughton?
Paranormal Warwickshire contains almost a hundred narratives; they will delight the ghost hunters and the spiritualists, make the sceptical think again, and send chills up and down every spine.

Also available as an ebook