Anthony Poulton-Smith


Join author Anthony Poulton-Smith on a ghostly tour of his native Staffordshire. Meet Josiah Wedgwood, Lord Robert Marmion, the Earl of Shrewsbury, the Rugeley Poisoner, the Kidsgrove Boggart, Lady Tempest Vane, the Crafty Cockney, a mermaid, pilots, clergy, airmen, doctors, a monkey man, the Gunpowder Plotters, and ladies in black, white, and grey.
Staffordshire's theme parks at Alton Towers and Drayton Manor, historical sites such as Shugborough and the Ancient High House, and castles at Stafford, Tutbury, and Tamworth all host visitors of the spectral kind. Other spirits are to be found resident in an assortment of pubs, hotels, churches and abbeys. Why the pitiful sobs and feeling of despair near Hanbury? What would cause a white rabbit to weep? Does a murderer still visit every gatepost and stile containing wood from from his gibbet? And why does 'Benjie' unroll the paper in the ladies' toilets?
Paranormal Staffordshire contains almost a hundred narratives; they will delight the ghost hunters and the spiritualists, make the skeptical think again, and send chills up and down every spine.



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