Anthony Poulton-Smith

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Ever wondered where the names of our rivers originate? Many have flowed along their present courses since the last Ice Age. Have they kept the names by which they were known when the first settlers returned to the newly ice-free land? Hardly any river is known by more than one name. Yet some run for a greater distance than most will ever have travelled from their place of birth. So how did these rivers end up with just a single name? Note how many of our major rivers have very similar names: Thames, Tamar, Tame, Teme, Tyne, Tees - is this mere coincidence?
Within these pages discover how the modern names have evolved, their links to ancient tongues such as Greek, Latin and even Sanskrit, and examine both origins and meanings. This is not just a dictionary but a history and will prove invaluable to any with an interest in etymologies, histories, or simply with an interest in England's glorious waterways.

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